The SAS selection process is world famous for its physical requirements. But what happens post selection? How are rough diamonds cut to think like elite leaders? We’re the world’s only training organisation that takes civilians through the special forces elite leadership development programme. Ever wondered how good you and your teams could be if you were given all the skills to allow you to succeed. We take people out of their comfort zone in experiential environments with proven Special Forces training methodology. These exercises will teach them to think differently about success, leadership, communication and strategy. The key to individual and team performance is leaving the comfort zone. We are all too familiar with safe surroundings, classrooms, conference room etc. In order to get the best out of teams and individuals the scenario has to change.  DIVISION gives you the tool kit to propel individuals both personally and professionally, and equips your teams with skills to make the most out of every opportunity.

"The feeling that this experience has created is real and tangible, I was also scared on numerous occasions. More importantly I will be a better leader as a result"


Formed after serving over 23 years in the SAS, DIVISION is the culmination of Floyd Woodrow’s understanding of what it takes to lead individuals through the worlds ultimate leadership and self development training. The training is the closest any civilian will get to learning the skills taught after selection. These leaders are famed for being one of the worlds elite forces. This is not just brawn or mental capacity. These elite forces are the best because of the leadership structure that was founded on thinking differently in the most extreme situations. These leaders are the thinking mans soldier.  Trained to adapt, challenge and focus on situational success. The most elite level training in the world - Why wouldn’t you want that to be part of your teams culture?


"Thank you for the amazing development opportunity this week. I am still reflecting as I’m sure you can imagine but already key personal learning points are emerging for myself and the team"


Our courses are aimed at Leaders or Teams within an organisation; Individuals being trained to lead; or Individuals looking to push their personal development. Candidates will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the training that is undertaken in order to secure the confidentiality of the course locations & content. For security and safety purposes we do not publicly disclose exactly what happens during the 3.5 day course, but each course is broken down into 5 elements…
1. Briefing will be taken by our senior officers
2. The group will be divided into teams of 3 or 4, each with an instructor who will be instructing, assessing, and advising
3. The teams will then be set real time scenarios that are run in the real world
4. After each scenario, teams will be de-briefed, assessed and set a new scenario
5. The course culminates with individual and team assessments. These are not scenario based assessments, but built around everything that has been taught over the course


After completing the course you will be able to:
• Lead in difficult circumstances.
• Communicate a clear vision and strategy
• Design and execute high pressure strategy in time sensitive scenarios
• Connect with your team’s ethos and values
• Evaluate, de-brief and learn from success and failure
All participants walk away with a psychological tool kit to propel individuals both personally and professionally that has been proven in both the special forces and businesses.


DIVISION courses can be booked exclusively per organisation year round.  Thats a minimum team of 12 people.   To enquire about course availability please contact the team here or download an application form. The DIVISION Team will be in touch to discuss the best options and course fit for your organisation, so that each individual gets maximum impact and take away.


DIVISION hold two courses per year aimed at individuals or small teams of up to 8, looking to develop elite level leadership skills. Courses are run when there are 12 to 20 individuals that have registered an interest and paid a deposit. To reserve a place on one of the SOLO courses contact the team here or download the SOLO application form


DIVISION offer a series of Bespoke courses, which are available in multiple formats.

The Bespoke courses run from 2 day immersive scenarios to 10 day expeditions.

Locations and scenarios can range from private islands with helicopter insertion and extraction to an immersive experience at corporate head offices testing disaster protocols.